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Lost or Stolen Debit Card

1 – 800 – 468 – 8528

Activate or Change Pin of a Debit Card

Routing Number

Dear IFF EFCU members.  Your accounts have been transferred to the United Teletech Financial FCU servicing system.

Please be sure to create a pin number for your new United Teletech Financial FCU Debit Card when calling to activate the card. Please note your exiting pin number with IFF Employee Federal Credit Union Debit Card does not carry over to your new UTF FCU card. The number to call to activate and pick a new Pin Number for your UTF Card is 866-985-2273.

You may now access  all of your accounts and balances through your UTF FCU debit card, home banking or telephone tellering system.

You may enroll here: https://www.utfinancialonline.org/tob/live/usp-core/app/register

IFF’s Online Banking has been permanently disabled.

We apologize for the inconvenience this may caused you and thank you for your understanding.